Drag§es de Onnos

Drag§es de Onnos

Webcomic in Portuguese - soon in english...

Webcomic in Portuguese. Centuries ago, a race of extremely powerful beings ruled the Earth. Beings endowed with intelligence, wisdom and magical powers almost infinite. Behold, for a reversal of fate decimated them altogether: A huge meteor has brought chaos to land and even these beings could withstand nature's fury. However not all went extinct. Hidden in caves, dark forests, valleys, deserts, one survived. This according to the legends, myths brought by the first magicians to men. Now dominated by the black magic man, threatens all living beings on earth. He acquired so much power that his brother decided to capture him to prevent such destruction. But for this, need to believe what has always been a legend ...

Comic Name Drag§es de Onnos
Created by rafaelartemis
  • Fantasy
  • Sword and Sorcery

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Drag§es de Onnos

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