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Webcomic Talk and Squee / CtS resuming after long hiatus
« on: March 14, 2016, 12:19:18 AM »

After over a year hiatus, today Alien and I have a new update of Chasing the Sunset up. Hopefully we'll keep it up, and we'll be able to become a bit more involved in this community again.

The Academy / Re: Starting an illustrated children's book
« on: January 20, 2016, 01:28:54 AM »
Hey all.

Figured I'd show you the end result: (english version) (dutch version)

We had them printed as A5 booklets to hand out to Rune's classmates and it seems they really liked them. Yay. Thanks for the help.

The Academy / Re: Starting an illustrated children's book
« on: September 18, 2015, 09:27:02 AM »
Hi Kyulein, nice to see new names here (I have no clue how long you've been around since I've been gone so long, but I'm the guy who started the forum).

I like your suggestion about the magic being stored in the wings somehow. In my old webcomic the cause/effect is the other way around: pixies can only fly because they have magic, so I hadn't thought about doing it the other way around. I'll give it a serious thinking, your way seems easier to explain to kids. And hey, then I can add glowy-sparkly special effects around the wings.

I agree the group of animal friends should be limited, if not in entire size than in how many appear in each story. For the first story I had originally thought about the hedgehog (to give directions) and a bunny with a saddle etc for transport. A bird might indeed be a lot more practical and allows for some aerial acrobatics even without being able to fly. Great idea.

Hey again Muninn, glad you can come help.

I really like the idea of replacing the lights. I was a bit unsure about having the dragons as complete villains and this could work around that. I think I may keep them as recurring "bad guys" but due to clumsiness and thoughtlessness rather than evil intent.

The MacGuyver pocket would not be magical. I see it a bit like Batman's utility belt: always happens to contain exactly what is needed without explanation of how it got there.

I agree with letting the story guide the thinking over outside considerations (other than having a strong female lead). That's why I'm going for a rainbow of colours in skin and hair tints. I'm not addressing the race issue, I am simply eliminating it from the universe.

I agree about what you said regarding that a "girly girl" should also be allowed to be good in maths. That's sortof the reason of the pink hair. I'm also considering having her carry around a stuffed animal or something. The idea is to find a balance somewhere between "this is just a tomboy" and "oh my god! everything is as pink like the barbie aisle in a toystore".

The Academy / Starting an illustrated children's book
« on: September 17, 2015, 10:58:38 PM »
Hey all,

I realize I have not been active at all for .. well .. years now (for which my apologies) but I need some help now, so I come crawling back :)

When my kid was born, I have always had the idea of writing him a story for his birthday every year, but so far have failed to do so. In 4 months time he'll be turning five, and I figure if I don't get started now, I never will. However, I would love some feedback/input on the world, characters and style I am planning. Since I'm planning to publish these on our webcomic site, I figure it's okay for me to ask in here :)

The idea is to have a new story for him at least every year on his birthday, with the series growing as he ages (so it keeps up with his development). Of course, while I'm writing this for him, it should be appropriate and understandable for all other kids as well (the idea is to print a small copy of each story to give as a present to each of his classmates on his birthday, as well as publish online).

The main character in the series will be a faerie girl who, due to reasons I have not worked out yet, can neither do magic nor fly (I picture her with a damaged wing, bit like Nemo). She gets teased a bit about this by the other faeries, but she doesn't mind too much. Being on the ground gives her a different perspective (literally) to the others, and she has many friends in the low-on-the-ground animal group.
She's very smart, and is constantly creating inspector gadget-like woodpunk machines and contraptions to let her do things other faeries do with magic.

The underlying goals behind the character are:
  • To show a girl enjoying and being good at maths and engineering
  • To show that 'disabilities' can be overcome and that they don't make somebody a lesser person.

First story: Dragon Tea Party

In the first story, our hero is working on some machine when she hears a lot of noise outside. Going out she finds her friend the hedgehog who tells her the other faeries have been kidnapped by a big dragon (there's a bit of maths here, with the hedgehog saying the dragon took three in one paw, two in the other and four with his tail, and our hero figuring out that means there's nine taken).

Our hero then sets out to find them, which involves climbing to the dragon's nest on a tall mountain. There she finds her friends have been put in little cages to provide lights for the dragon who has some friends over for a tea party. Having no magic, she can sneak around in the dark and with some derring-do manages to free the other faeries and take them safely home again.

Character design

As said, the main character is a young female faerie. I'm currently thinking she's blue-skinned with bright pink hair (all the faeries have very diverse colours of skin, hair and wings, so no racism here). She has butterfly style wings, of which one is damaged.

She wears a skirt so it's visually clear she's a girl even if she doesn't act according to stereotypes, but the skirt is more like a kilt in style. I'll probably switch her to pants in later stories when everything is well established (and might well put some of the boy faeries in skirts too). The skirt has a big pocket (or more) that's full of little McGuyverisms. She wears a toolbelt with some tools in it (not sure yet which ones are appropriate for woodpunk) and several pouches. Whereas most faeries are barefoot, she wears sturdy boots.

So that's it, my new project. I would really really love any and all feedback and suggestions. This is the first time I'll be writing for such young children.

Also, I suck at names, so I would love some suggestions for the name of the main character (suggestions in English, Dutch and Norwegian are welcome since those will be the initial languages we'll be making this in).

The Town Hall / Re: What do I do with this?
« on: December 16, 2013, 12:45:15 AM »
Hey all,

I sent an email to the company in question a bit after posting this message. I haven't heard back yet, but that might be because I sent to their info@domain address. If I haven't heard from them soon, I'll try their sales@ address.

It's definitely weird stuff.

The Town Hall / What do I do with this?
« on: December 15, 2013, 12:42:04 AM »
I just got this email:

Hi Admin,


Our website: <removed>

We are requesting removal of our listing here:

Please remove all the links related to <removed> from your domains.

We donít pay to remove a free listing.  If you are unwilling to remove it for free, we will have to include it in a disavow/reconsideration request with Google and inform them as to why we were unable to have the backlink removed.  This is the policy that Matt Cutts suggests if sites are trying to charge for removal of links and it may negatively impact your site as a result.  For further reading on this topic, please read Matt Cuttsí blog post here:


We hope that you will reconsider and remove the backlink for free.  Please be sure to let us know when you do remove it so that we also remove it from our disavow/reconsideration request.  Thank you for your anticipated cooperation in this matter.


Thanks & Regards

The bits I've removed are urls to one of the button companies discussed (favourably) in that thread. The sender is a gmail address which is named <companyremoved>

I'm a bit flabbergasted tbh. As near as I can tell they may have been accused by google of spamming, and are now trying to remove all links to their site.

I don't know what to do about this. It seems like a weird request to me and I really really dislike editting other people's post without a good reason.

The Town Hall / Page of the Month October [nominations open]
« on: October 04, 2013, 12:21:22 PM »
Hey all,

I'm starting a new initiative: page of the month.

From now till midnight on october 31st you can nominate comic pages made this month that you think are amazing. These pages should be from member comics (and not your own) and you should tell us why you're nominating it. All reasons are valid: great art, great story, made you laugh or cry. Always provide a link, of course.

Then during the first week of November we'll have a vote on which was the best of the best, and that page will get highlighted both in the forums as on the (currently under construction) front page.

Alternatively, Superman is a smurf in swimwear.

They wear g-strings on the inside.

The Town Hall / Re: Any changes wanted?
« on: October 02, 2013, 01:18:55 PM »
Hey neeka.

Yeah I'm already planning on removing duplicates. The special symbols are a bit harder, as they seem to be in the rss feeds like that, but I'll see what I can do.

nono, you weren't offensive at all, and I'm not offended. I'm being very serious :) I never meant for that banner and logo to last, it was juts a placeholder really.

So to answer your question: the logo isn't sacred and you're free to give new versions or completely new ones

Had a look around, don't have the vector version anymore, sorry. I might be able to find the original line drawing Alien made somewhere if somebody wants that.

Either way, everybody is free to change the logo as they see fit or to come up with a better one. I'm not a graphics guy, I'm a programmer :P

It did start out as a vector image ... I'll have to see if I still have that somewhere

The Scriptorium / On constructed languages
« on: October 02, 2013, 06:02:19 AM »
I found this quite interesting (excuse me if it was posted already):

The Town Hall / Plans
« on: October 02, 2013, 04:28:00 AM »

I'm feeling rather fired up today (let's see how long it lasts this time), so I figured I'd make some plans for the fcp. Here's some things I'd like to do this month:

  • Finish the new front page
  • Finish the new comic pages
  • Create a new navigation system for browsing member comics
  • Clean out duplicates from the comic listings
  • Create a new backend for people to edit their comics here
  • Organize a biweekly or monthly hangout thingymado with FCP members
  • Other tasks as assigned

The big picture is this: I want to both strengthen the community as provide a portal to those interested in reading fantasy comics. I want to make it easier for our readers to reach readers and easier for readers to find comics. I want to deepen the community beyond what we have already to a place where people can find inspiration and dreams (even more so than already is the case).

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