Parmeshen: A tale of gypsies, rovers and ramblers

Parmeshen: A tale of gypsies, rovers and ramblers, of secrets and stories so old they're in the blood and bone of the people who tell them. In every part of Atla, you will find the travelling people. They are called the Bothare, and they say they are the children of the Sun, born to walk on all land that the Sun's light touches. They answer to no authority but their own. Baxt Parmeshengro is a daughter of the Sun. Like all her people, she is forever traveling, forever set aside from other races-- the gadje-- by her black hair, her yellow eyes set in a dark face, and her wary nature. Many gadje mistrust these travelers. Some hate them. Baxt tells the tales of her people's past, and worries for their future. But when she meets a young policeman in the great city of Viranus, all her assumptions and many of his will come into question. And when her people start turning up dead in Viranus, butchered and strangely marked, it will take all their guile to solve the mystery of their deaths. This is her story. This is their story. This is a tale as wild as the wind and the winding roads. Come, and learn where the road leads.

Comic Name Parmeshen
Created by Otterchild
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