Star of Destiny

Star of Destiny

A semi-weekly webmanga about two people who live in a crazy fantasy world outside the jurisdiction of Fate.

The world of Apollos is one filled with fate, the idea that our lives are predetermined at birth. Such is the norm of this world. However, two people, existing from outside Fate's jurisdiction, will shake up this world and change everything. ------ Star of Destiny is the story of a wandering adventurer/warrior, Skye McCloud, and a powerful sorceress, Star Yunai, who grew up together. These two are believed to have some great purpose in the universe, though the powers of Fate have no control on them as what makes them special stops Fate from controlling them. Along with their friends, these two must learn just what their existence means, what it will lead to, and most importantly what each are expected to do despite their freedom from Fate.

Comic Name Star of Destiny
Created by hythrain
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