Shadow-Root Academy

Shadow-Root Academy

Rise of the Formori--Rated NC-17

Shadow-Root Academy Genre: Supernatural/Interdimensional Exiles Setting: Modern day Category: Action/Drama/Romance (hentai) Rating: NC-17 Theme: "Prep School for Monsters" Plot:For 300 years Shadow-Root Academy has been a training center for gifted men and women; it is also the home of the Crypto-Races, beings of ancient and modern mythology such as dragons, Giants, elves, aliens and others. Attending this school is Branwen Mac-balor, a young man tormented by nightmares, and harrassed by bullies. However, he discovers his true nature and calling to battle the forces of evil. Will he follow that call, or will he become the very threat he is training to fight against?

Comic Name Shadow-Root Academy
Created by Dumok
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