A fantasy Punk Comic where magic replaces technology and Demons replace the Industrial Revolution!

Welcome to a land where magic has always existed. It has replaced man's need for technological advancement and instead has been the preferred method of adaptation to their environment. In recent generations the ability to summon 'other worldly' creatures has brought about sharp class distinctions and radically altered society as a whole. The story opens in a small port town in the country of Mercia, where it focuses on a diverse cast of magic users and summoners. Janus, ward of the local magistrate, is gifted in the ways of magic. However, his caretaker has seen to it that he remain ignorant in the ways of summoning despite his interest in it. The magistrate's plans for Janus and his town are disrupted when a man from his past appears, much to his displeasure. Another stranger with an ominous aura has also recently made his way to the quiet port town. Janus will put himself in harm's way to get closer the man and learn his secrets. Their encounter will bring about a series of trials, dangers and a type of magic that has not been seen in centuries.

Comic Name Ianua
Created by Lesser Key Studios
  • Fantasy
  • Epic
  • Long form

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