Larali meets a man who dreams about the illegal sky, and he's determined to reach it at any cost.

Larali, born as a psychic, has no desire to work Paragon industries, who farm the heatstorm surface of Carmen for crystals and other salvage. Living safe underground there isn't much work for the practically illegal psychics. It's Paragon industries and the deathly surface, or survive on your own, if anyone will hire you. Her job creating the highly illegal Maker drug pays the bills, but every day comes with the risk that this time, she won't come back down from the purple smoke high. Day in and day out she fuses the crystals with smoke and mirrors, custom tailored to give people the escapist fantasies everyone trapped in the underworld dreams of: the sky, northern lights, sunlight, sex on beaches... and airships? But Larali's never seen the upper world and everything she dreams into the crystals is guesswork. Her world is flipped upside down when she meets a man who also dreams about the sky. And he's determined to reach it, at any cost. Maker is an experimental urban fantasy comic about sex, drugs... and airships.

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