Ears for Elves

Ears for Elves

A coming-of-age story about a young elf named Tanna.

Ears for Elves is an Online Graphic Novel, a coming-of-age story, a heroic fantasy. We follow the young elf Tanna Teasen’atear who dreams of becoming a Village Guardian, a warrior and protector of her village. This is much to her parent's dismay, who expect her to follow in her father's foot steps and take her birth-righted place among the High Council. Living in a secluded village her whole life, Tanna gets her first brush with the outside world when mysterios visitors come to stay. High Elf ambassadors, members of a race that haven't been seen in many a century and long thought to be extinct or perhaps to be just a legend. After an initial awkward encounter Tanna can't seem to shake the son of the ambassadors, a young High Elf full of mystery, despite her best efforts. With the Guardian Trials looming on the horizon Tanna needs to focus all of her efforts to make sure she succeeds but with all of these distractions going on the is proving to be harder than she ever expected.

Comic Name Ears for Elves
Created by Archmage (Editor, Site Admin, Marketing Coordinator, Monkey-boy)
NaarierKermie (Principal Story Developer, Illustrator, Creative Genius)
  • Fantasy
  • Epic
  • Long form
  • Sword and Sorcery

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