The Beast Legion

The Beast Legion

An high fantasy novel involving characters the transform into Beast with Awesome powers.

The main plot focuses on the journey & struggles of a young Prince Xeus, who is forced to flee his home after it falls under the clutches of the menacing Lord Dragos & his band of Evil Shadow Nexus warriors. The first two issues of the series complete the prologue. After seven years of exile & being trained by the last Wizard of Lithopia Xeus must now set forth on his quest to master is own Beast form & save his homeland by making new allies & facing several villains & challenges on his way. Bot to mention struggle trying to tame his own unpredictable Tiger Beast form.. At Comic Con I sold the first 4 issues in a set & manages to sell over 360 copies. However I have 6 issues released online & the 7th one is just starting. The comic updates with a new page every Monday & Friday & is completely free to read online.

Comic Name The Beast Legion
Created by jazylh
  • Fantasy
  • Epic
  • Long form
  • Sword and Sorcery

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