Tides of Tirnanog

Tides of Tirnanog

In a world of fantasy, magic and mayhem, four misfit strangers are brought together by events larger than themselves. Leading this rag-tag group is an enigmatic elf named Terith, whose happy-go-lucky exterior may belie many secrets.

Terith is an elf, or at least he claims to be, but no one seems to agree with him on that point. After drawing the ire of a human village he escapes into the forest only to run directly into the bow-sights of Kittika, a desert born elf traveling far from home. As they travel together Terith's scheming only lands them in further trouble. However, the two soon find they have bigger problems than mobs of irate humans, making friends and enemies along the way to adventure.

Comic Name Tides of Tirnanog
Created by MPSai
  • Fantasy
  • Humor
  • Long form
  • Sword and Sorcery

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