The Prime of Ambition

The Prime of Ambition

Five free-lances take on a mission to escort a decoy princess across the border, but all for very different reasons...

Audriel is an elf whose life has taken him down many roads he did not wish to travel...accompanied by many travelers he would not have chosen. And if the priest of Alos was not a strange enough person to take orders from, now he's being expected to work alongside, of all things, a dark elf! But since the others chalk his distrust of the young drow up to old grudges, Audriel begins to second-guess his instincts, leaving him feeling lost and bewildered. And if that wasn't enough, now they learn that their mission isn't what they expected it to be... The Prime of Ambition is a full-color, high detail graphic novel. It is a fantasy intrigue that begs the question: can one person truly understand another? Or are we all doomed to solitude? It is currently in hiatus while the creators try to refinish the archives and build up a buffer.

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