Michelle has special powers, but no clue why, and no clue what to do with them. To help her along the way are other Aspects, teenagers endowed with special abilities they hardly understand.

Seven billion people in the world, and among them are the special few: Aspects. These amazing people each do something incredible. Enter Michelle, an awkward young girl who seems to have a limitless range of abilities. Struggling with her power since childhood, Michelle thinks shes finally found her place in the world when she meets other Aspects like herself. This happiness is short lived as she discovers that her powers make her strange even among Aspects. To make matters worse, theyre constantly on the run from the mysterious Breakers who will stop at nothing to capture them. Through all of this, Michelle is left to learn how to fully control her power and hopefully figure out why her uncle, the one person who may have answers for her, disappeared so many years ago. She may not know it yet, but her story has just begun.

Comic Name Aspect
Created by Plotholetsi
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