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Hey everyone. I just wanted to give you guys a heads up about a guy who's running a PW campaign which targets webcomics with an (rather in your face kind of) ad that links to a youtube channel with religious stuff that you might not like to link to on your page.

His PW info, in case you want to block his ads:
C L,
Member 45019

the channel: (to be fair, I didn't really take the time to watch any of his videos)
the ad:

The Gazette / Snow by Night: Volume 2 Kickstarter
« on: April 07, 2015, 02:19:39 AM »

Heeeey guys. My Reverie colleagues from Snow by night are doing a Kickstarter to print their 2nd book. There's only a few days left to support them and get the book(s). They still need a little nudge to make their goal so I thought I'd share it here as well :D. Signal boosts are appreciated!

So, here's the shortlist of nominees for Best Online Comic

-As the Crow Flies, by Melanie Gillman,
-Failing Sky, by Dax Tran-Caffee,
-High Crimes, by Christopher Sebela and Ibrahim Moustafa (Monkeybrain),
-The Last Mechanical Monster, by Brian Fies,
-The Oatmeal by Matthew Inman,

And eh yeah, I have to agree with io9 on this. It would have been nice to see a little more love for actual webcomics in these sort of things. I know that if we don't involve ourselves, we're probably automatically excluding ourselves. Since it's the creators who nominate other creators. But I don't think webcomikers feel very welcome/encouraged to vote. It might just be me though.

I've been picking up my Kickstarter work again (or attempting to anyway) and I've finished the designs of the buttons. I had planned to present them in some nice way, rather than just throwing them in the box, and then I could use the same thing for whenever I want to bring the sets with me to conventions later on or something.

I made a postcard sized sheet to attach the buttons to, but I can't really find a way to attach them nicely without making the paper all wobbly - that doesn't require a lot of work (cutting holes with a knife big enough so that the paper stays nice. So I was curious if anyone else sells button sets as a packaged set, and if so how? Or if anyone can think of a nice trick that will allow us to attach the buttons to the cards nicely without adding a ton of work ?

Something like this:

The Town Hall / Asking for your help.
« on: March 06, 2014, 04:31:06 PM »
There's no easy or pretty way for me to explain this.
On the 11th of February, the youngest of my two sisters was suddenly taken away from us after she was involved in a horrible car accident. It's difficult for me to write about, so for those who care to know a little bit more I can point you to my blog:

The weeks following the accident have been very surreal and difficult for my family and me, but at the same time we were positively overwhelmed by the immense amount of support and care that we've received from the people around us - including some of you guys here. I can't thank these people enough. Seriously, thank you.

I was able to stay with my family in the Netherlands some time, but at some point we all have to pick up our lives again.  For me, this means getting my comic back on track and finishing the remaining work on it's upcoming Kickstarter campaign, which was originally scheduled to go live earlier this week. 

I've been running into some problems with that however. And even though my problems seem especially insignificant at times like these - I know I will regret it in the future if I ignore them altogether.

Unsurprisingly I currently find myself unable to work at my normal level of productivity, and in the past weeks I've burned trough my comic's page buffer. Mainly, because I haven't had the sense to sit down and take a good look at my schedule and make a plan of sorts until this week.
This means I've to get back to drawing new pages, but I also have about 3 weeks of work left on the kickstarter (probably more, considering my state of mind). And I have a very intimidating schedule for the weeks after the campaign - simultaneously editing/finishing the book and drawing new pages.

The obvious solution would be to put the comic on hiatus until the campaign is done, were it not that I've only just returned from an hiatus of almost six months (Ironically, I was just getting things in order again after a mostly depressing 2013). The idea of going back in hiatus right now turns my stomach.  I try not to think about the effect an other hiatus would have on the chance of success of the Kickstarter, but I can safely say that it would be far from ideal.

Alternatively I could delay the campaign - and some delay will indeed be inevitable - but there's limits to this option. I'm not standing alone in this project, and it's a heavy weight on my shoulders as it is. With it's success or lack there off  being a deciding factor in the question; will or won't be able to continue working on the comic in the future as I have in the past 2,5 years. I need to see it to a  satisfying conclusion and I don't have infinite time to do so.

So, unless I figure out a way to clone myself - it seems I'm stuck with taking turns, working on updates as much as possible, while also wrapping up the remaining work on the campaign - delaying both of them as little as possible.

There's the gist of my problem. I wrote all this down because I think I could use your help. After some outside encouragement I want to ask if any of you are willing to create a guest comic, pin-up and or sketch for Spindrift - so that I can fill up the inevitable gaps in my update schedule during the upcoming weeks with your awesome/wonderful/beautiful/funny/... art.

I find it a difficult thing to ask, since I'm only able to repay your kindness with my gratitude and exposure, but I wholeheartedly welcome and accept any and all help. You're also welcome to link this post to others outside of the FCP whom you think might be interested in helping out.

Some helpful things, in case you are considering to help out:
* I'll be posting the guest art as I would post a normal Spindrift page - but in a dedicated (to be created) section of the archive.
* files of 700 px wide and 1068 px tall are preferred - they will fit into the website snugly.
* I'm not looking for anything specific and it doesn't have to be super polished or colored artwork. As long as it's Spindrift related in some way (cross overs with your own characters are welcome too) and appropriate for my readers (probably keep it PG ish) it's a go.
* Send it to
If you have any links/credits/footnotes/.. that you would like me to add besides your name, please add those too.

Thanks guys. For reading. I know I'm going to sound like a suck up now - but you are a wonderful community and I love you guys :")).

Sorry, for all the feels. I planned only to simply ask for help in a few lines, but frustrations got the better of me.

Just in case, for reference:
My comic:
Cast page:
The spindrift dA group:

Yelp, so I don't know at what point it happened -I'm guessing when the new website went live- but it appears that I didn't have the FCP banner box on my page in the last months. The good news is that I was on hiatus and wasn't receiving much traffic anyway (and that I fixed it now that I missed it). Sorry though!

My other bannerbox has a little header, and I wanted the same thing for the FCP banner box. Since I made it anyway I figured I might as well share it. It's a simple thing tho, but maybe someone's happy with it :D.

(I recommend saving and hosting it on your own page tho- I might take this version down when I clean my server in the future)

If anyone want's a 125 px wide one to go above the square box let me know.

The Town Hall / Spindrift is updating again :D
« on: January 30, 2014, 06:49:09 AM »
I've had enough of my break. All the doing nothing was starting to get boring.

Ok.. that isn't true at all XD. - Apart from the "the hiatus is over" bit. That bit is true.  It feels like I haven't posted updates in ages... and when I look at the backlogs, it's been almost 5 months :*(. Time flies when you're busy as shit I guess.  Lets hope that life will be a little kind to me in the upcoming months. Kind would be good. And lets see how long I'm able to keep up :D

Anyhow, I'm also back to spamming these forums XD.

The Artist's Studio / Character origins.
« on: January 29, 2014, 03:40:57 AM »
I'm interested to see how your characters looked when you first drew them :D

I was digging trough some of my old sketchbooks earlier today, and I stumbled upon some amusing old stuff - but also what must have been the first drawing of one of my characters, Neburas.

This thing was drawn in 2003/2004 . It wasn't dated, but I could tell by the other stuff in the book which school year I was in at the time. -Funnily enough Spindrift wasn't even a high concept back then (I just had some vague ideas of a story, but that wasn't anything special).
His design changed a lot during the years after (like.. a lot :P) - but funnily enough he ended up looking almost like how he started, and I haven't seen this drawing in quite a few years, so I'm guessing some of that is dumb coincidence.

I'll try to see if I can find some more "first appearances" of my other characters.

The Tavern / Holiday greetings and New year's resolutions
« on: December 30, 2013, 05:09:08 AM »
I was away during the holidays but I hope that all the FCP-ers had a wonderful Christmas (those who celebrate it).

I'm curious to know if you guys have any New year's resolutions :D.

So, here's a thing that was posted today.

What do you guys think? (Some of my thoughts on it are in the notes)

The Tinkerer's Workshop / Papercraft characters
« on: November 13, 2013, 02:30:33 PM »
Hi guys. I'm building a set of papercraft models of my comic's characters (or some of them anyway), and I was wondering if anyone else is interested in how to do this? If so I can post a little step-by-step of my progress and problems/challenges that I'm running into (quite a few, I can tell you :P).

EDIT, I'll just edit in my progress as I go:

Small disclaimer, this is a way to design and build your own papercraft. It might not be the best way to do this but it suited my purpose best.

What do you need:
- 3d Software (Sketchup - link has all versions.)
- Pepakura designer (Make sure you get designer, not viewer)
- Paper (duh. Cardstock preferably).
- Cutting tools (I used a scalpel, but a pair of sissors would do just fine)
- Hobby glue
- A printer (or someone that will print the model for you)

A few notes on the software:
- I used Sketchup because it's free fast and easy, but using it also has some cons.
- Pepakura is free to try, but you need a licence to save en export. It's cheap tho, but if you must you can of course make a screen-grab of the map and build a high res version on top of it in your drawing  software, as you really only need pepakura for the layout.
I'd recommend making a simple cube in sketchup and open that in pepakura just to see what it does and how it works. It takes a few minutes to figured out the basics, but over all it's a very simple program.
Alternatively (for experienced 3d-ers you can also just use a UV mapping tool, or any unfolding plugin)

Some things that none of the guides/how-to tell you:
- Pepakura imports sketchup's google earth files (.kmz). What they didn't tell me however is that from version 7.1 and up sketchup builds the kmz files differently and Pepakura has a poor compatibility with these files (pepakura unfolded every face of my model twice, no matter what I did).
I had to downgrade to sketchup pro 6 (which only comes in payed or evaluation version) to convert my files to .obj. I tried downloading an .obj exporting plugin for sketchup 8, but that turned out to be a virus- so be careful with that.
-You only need minimal 3d skills in theory as the models are very simple, but you need to think very practical about how you construct your model if you want the average person to be able to build it.
Think of your character in very basic shapes to start with; my characters are 3d octagons on top of elongated diamonds (check the image to see what I mean).
-Also, you're model needs to be ultra neat. No stray or duplicate verticals, no faces that are accidentally facing the inside instead of the outside, no support geometry hidden inside of the model. Every face that's in your model wil be unfolded by pepakura and one face that's out of place can seriously mess up the results.


Making the design:

I've the official The witcher 2 papercrafts at home (, and although they are kinda clunky looking I really loved the idea of getting a papercraft with your purchase ever since. I plan to add these papercrafts to my KS rewards so I needed some design that the average person was able to build.

I based my design on a template (or actually a mix of them). I looked at a ton of character papercrafts and tried to find something that wasn't all but a box, but didn't require super pro papercraft building skills either. The *big box like head on top of a elongated diamond shape* came closest to what I wanted, so that's what I started sketching with.

Here's some things I recommend keeping mind when designing:
- You need to be able to build it! (Seriously, if you are anything like me: keep telling yourself this.)
- Don't forget about the flaps! They need to come out of that same paper. It's good to consider them while planning your design.
- Don't add tiny parts. Cutting them is a pain in the ass, putting them together is worse.


Prototype 1.0

When I was finally happy with a plausible looking sketch, I made a prototype of the base model, to see if it was a realistic build. I started with building the simplest version of the design (without any props or extra's like wings or clothing) in sketchup, then unfolded that in pepakura to print and build it.

Safe yourself some headache, and double check these things before moving on to pepakura:
- Remove all unused geometry and check for mistakes (There's a remove doubles/fix mistakes option in sketchup under model info)
- If you use components and you have faces that connect from one component to an other, make sure to explode your components.
- double.. no tripple check if ALL your faces are facing the same way. (Right click- reverse face to fix this in sketchup.)
- If you use sketchup, go to style and check 'X-ray' to see if your model doesn't have extra faces or hidden geometry in places where it shouldn't have any.

This test was 10cm in height. Voila:

(poor size reference, because the ponies are small, and the d20 is XL sized :P)

Reviewing prototype 1.0.
So, the model stands, but only just. Putting the pants and legs together was a pain in the butt. I used copy paper for the test, which didn't help it either - but I thought the parts were just to small. Luckily I thought the head was to big and bulky (and wobbly because of that-and the thin paper) so I can change the proportions and scale the whole thing up a bit. I'll be fixing all of those things in test 2.0


Prototype 2.0

I updated the model; I made the head proportionally smaller and scaled up the model as a whole a bit - and added a rough first draft of the texture. Also tried some different cuts here and there (moving a cut and or flaps from one edge to an other).

And then I build an test of that. This time with texture (although my printer is very crappy) and with all the model details. I also used thicker paper for the build, perhaps a bit too thick even.
Building this one was definitely easier, but I prefer the smaller size. Since I technically scaled it twice (in proportion and as a whole) I think I'm making it a bit smaller again, and settle somewhere in between these two tests.

It's starting to look like it, but I'm still not entirely happy with the build. I'll probably have to take the paper thickness into account. Everything is an exact fit in the model, but nobody builds that perfectly. That, and I want to move some more flaps and cuts for easier building and to prevent the edges of the paper from showing up in front of the model as much as possible.

- I also forgot to erase some of the fold lines that aren't actually supposed to be folded (in the face).
- Design for the wings isn't final. I was just testing some ways of attaching wings to her back. I'm actually looking into making them removable (pun intended).

Almost there though!

-If you have any folding/cutting lines on area's with dark textures (like the hair) and you've a crappy printer like me, you won't see the lines after printing. You can either invert them, or add a white border to the lines (pepakura has a checkbox for that).


Prototype 3.0 (near final build)

An other update.

I changed the arm model. The overall thing is slightly smaller (0.5 cm) and I didn't really like the scoop-arms, so she has box like arms now :P. It makes the model look a bit more bulky around the shoulders but I haven't decided if I mind or not.

I also changed the texture a bit, but it's still just a draft (until I settle on a final build), and I made her feet slightly bigger again. The model stands fairly easy on it's own now (considering the big head) but I think Dusk brings up a good point. A base might not be a bad thing to add.

Other changes made were mostly to the map of the model. I made two versions of the head. The 2nd one (the one without the hair layer)  is a lot easier to build because of better edge/flap placement, and I changed the edge on her cheeks from a horizontal to a vertical one which I think I like better (Especially if light hits it from the top this looks better).

The Artist's Studio / Mischief vector based painting tool
« on: October 09, 2013, 07:40:08 AM »

Stumbled across this earlier today and I was curious if anyone has experience with it.

It seems interesting (that infinite canvas/zoom thing - I can definitely see that having it's use). The painting tools don't give a super impression -but I'm sure they suffice to some extend. The only thing that really worries me is that huge delay on the brush strokes. You could say, it's used on a slow pc... but would you use that footage in your trailer? I know I wouldn't

Still I'm semi curious though :P.

The Tinkerer's Workshop / Small TWC question.
« on: August 24, 2013, 06:08:50 AM »
Did anyone tried to change their Avatar (the small icon that randomly appears when voters have to confirm they are human) on TWC recently?

On adding a new avatar it gives me an error "Invalid Avatar Save - A generic error occurred in GDI+.".
While I'm pretty sure the file and the info (character name/url ed) is fine, it does some weird stuff, because instead of adding a new avatar it edits the info of the current avatar.

So instead of a new picture with new info,  I got the old picture with the new info (which of course didn't match, and that's a bit of a problem since people have to select the correct name of the character).

Is anyone else having trouble with this?

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