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The Artist's Studio / Re: Character design (image heavy)
« on: November 16, 2014, 12:44:13 AM »
The simplified style does read better at a glance. The original isn't bad but it may not be the best fit for a comic; devoting that level of detail to every individual panel isn't always the best use of time and it can make the page look too cluttered.

The Academy / Re: Social Media
« on: October 27, 2014, 08:53:11 PM »
If I had to give you one note of advice, it would be to see which one works best for you personally (which one do you enjoy most - or hate the least - and fits best with your way of communicating) and focus on that one. It's very difficult and time consuming to build an active following on a lot of places.
Seconding this so much! Everyone's internet style is a little different. Better to find the one or two sites that work best for you and give them your full attention; if you try to do them all there's a good chance you'll end up spreading yourself too thin.

Tumblr ended up working best for me-- I struggled with DA for years and never managed to get a following there, and I don't understand FB/twitter. But it's hard to pinpoint exactly why a given site works (or doesn't work) for particular people.

The Artist's Studio / Re: Character design (image heavy)
« on: October 17, 2014, 09:25:16 AM »
I was assuming Mr Average meant teenager since he mentioned high school?

oops I never posted the final version of this design, SHAME ON ME.

The Scriptorium / Re: Trouble creating a transforming weapon!
« on: October 13, 2014, 01:20:07 AM »
Any of these ideas could work! It's hard to give specific advice without knowing more about the character and world.

Things to consider:
What looks best design-wise? What best fits the character's personality and fighting style?
How common are transforming weapons like this one, and do they all take the same form when not in use?
How did the character obtain the weapon? How/when was it made?
Is it legendary or iconic (would a stranger be likely to recognise it while not in use) or is it a secret weapon that would take enemies by surprise?

Try sketching out your ideas and see what works best!

Applications & Introductions / Re: Application: Age of Mortality
« on: August 18, 2014, 08:46:45 AM »
Mithandir (forum owner) manually grants access to that subforum and he hasn't been around lately. I don't know if any of the mods besides Mith can do this, but I'm going to guess probably not.

Webcomic Talk and Squee / Re: Taptastic
« on: July 31, 2014, 12:19:45 PM »
It depends on the type of comic-- this format works fine for gag-a-day or journal comics, but longform comics definitely lose something when taken out of context and tossed up on a site like this. The gag-a-day and journal comics are designed to be 'snackable', while the a longform comic just doesn't fit their format. (I had the same experience, where I just kind of checked out and kept scrolling down. I don't know what it is but tapastic kills my ability to focus and read each page.)

Webcomic Talk and Squee / Re: Taptastic
« on: July 28, 2014, 04:21:53 PM »
....ok I wasn't a fan of Tapastic from the start (hate their layouts/navigation for comics) and as I have my own site I had no plans to use it, but hearing they're affiliated with the Comics Panda debacle makes me even less willing to use it.

And it appears that posting on their site grants them the automatic right to use your content to promote their service, including cross-posting on social media and printing 'samples' for distribution.
Quote from: Tapastic ToS
VIII. Licensing
e. In order to promote, publicize, market and further the success of Usersí Content and Tapas Media as a whole you hereby grant Tapas an ongoing, non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license and right, but not obligation, to utilize Content that you publish on Tapastic or give to Tapas Media and your User persona including, but not limited to, your name, likeness, and biographical information for promotional purposes. Examples include, but are not limited to, sending samples of Content for use by the press, posting Content to social channels, or printing samples of Content for distribution at conventions.
They also say that you retain all rights to your content but... think I'll pass on this one.

The Tinkerer's Workshop / Re: Redirects from the Ink Outbreak box
« on: July 20, 2014, 11:54:44 AM »
Yeah that's the tricky thing, the IO rotation is (in theory) a good thing since it promotes other comics, and it's not something you could easily code yourself... but it's had so many problems that it's up to you whether it's worth the risk to keep it on your site.

I've been considering removing my box as well, but I like being able to give traffic to those people.  I don't know how much it really gives them, though...
I took a look at my analytics to check Ink's stats-- it's a decentish traffic source for me, but not the greatest (currently sitting at #4, about 10% of all referrals). It does appear that most of those hits are coming from the exchange box (/exchange/boxy.php) but about half of those hits bounce (the longest sessions with the highest pageview count come from /jump/comic.php, though I don't frequent ink enough to know what that is). Ink used to be my top referral source back when I first installed analytics; it seems to be slowly declining in popularity, or at least it isn't growing as fast as other sources.

But even if it were my top referral source, I'd rather lose the potential hits than see other creators sacrificing their site security just to maintain the link rotation; the fact that this happened in the first place isn't a promising sign, and you don't want your site getting flagged.

The Tinkerer's Workshop / Redirects from the Ink Outbreak box
« on: July 18, 2014, 09:11:44 PM »
Just wanted to throw up a warning here-- the Ink Outbreak rotation box has been causing comics that use it to redirect to other sites, at least some of which are porn. If anyone is still running Ink on their site after the last debacle, it would be wise to remove it now.

welcome to FCP! I haven't read your whole comic yet but I like your use of limited palettes.

The Town Hall / Re: Asking for your help.
« on: June 21, 2014, 04:22:21 PM »
aggghh sorry I took so long

(I also sent it to the email)

Yeah sorry for the confusion; the actual comic pages have only a single horizontal scrollbar as intended. The periphery pages (such as about and cast) have a vertical scroll, and the page content hides the menu as you scroll down.

and another note about the nav bar, the right end of the bar and the copyright text at bottom right stick out of the browser's live area slightly. (You can see this on Kyulein's screencap; they overlap the scroll bar.) My guess is your site is including the scroll bar as part of the site's overall width, since it only happens on the pages with the vertical scroll (not on the sidescrolling comic pages).

(...I don't mean to be overly critical or nitpicky; overall the site looks really nice. C: )

* In google chrome the nav bar is under the content when you scroll down the page.
I got this in firefox as well. (Not sure if it's intentional or not; it's a little counter-intuitive and odd and personally I'd either have it scroll with the rest of the content or keep it on top, but it's not a huge site-breaking issue.)

Hello, and welcome to FCP!

I agree about the font-- it was fine in the prologue, but chapter 1 was a bit small.
(The side-scrolling could potentially cause trouble for slow connections since the whole chapter has to load all at once, but it shouldn't be too big an issue as long as you keep your chapters fairly short.)

Minor site notes:
  • the 'extras' button on your nav bar links to the 'history' page (when viewing the prologue; it seems to work fine from the other pages)
  • typo on the about page in the 'about Laura' box (Starpun instead of spun)
  • the fonts on the map are really tiny in places (it appears like this for me-- not sure if this is the scaling down you mentioned or the actual image size, but I can't read some of those words at all, particularly the two smallest labels on the night side)
  • the description on the about page (and which you included in your post here) says it's her tenth birthday, but in chapter 1 she says it's her eleventh.
My monitor is about average size. Keep in mind that most people either can't afford or don't have the space for a huge monitor, and if things are too small to read on average monitors you're going to lose a lot of potential readers.

The Tavern / Re: Philosophical Digital vs Traditional
« on: May 20, 2014, 01:57:18 PM »
I interpret it differently-- where 'by hand' implies physically touching the media as opposed to on the computer, where you interface with technology. It's a weird turn of phrase though, probably because the average person just doesn't know the words artists use (we usually say digital or traditional, but if you didn't know how to describe it you might go for how it's made-- 'the computer' is the general interface encompassing all digital tools, but there's no convenient catch-all for traditional media tools).

The only insult in that statement is the insult you choose to see. And which the quoted person chose to see. I choose to interpret it as clumsy phrasing, not a deliberate insult.

As an aside, I work both ways myself; I prefer traditional media but that doesn't lessen my respect for entirely digital artists... personally I find good digital art a lot harder than working traditionally. And plenty of people are the opposite. Both traditional and digital come with their own challenges and shortcuts; neither is a superior artform.

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