Fera: A tale of monsters. A tale of beasts.

An epic journey of love, loss, and adventure spanning two worlds.

Created by: t_iii


A prehistoric action adventure comic following a group of Neanderthals as they encounter other hominid species.

Created by: Jordan

The Far Side of Utopia

Set in a series of slightly futuristic worlds after the breaching of the dimensional barriers - knowledge of magic is spreading, cultures are clashing, technology is expanding. Mix in a struggle for power, a few grand mysteries, and silent multi sided war.

Created by: pastutopia

The Becoming

The harbinger of the final Aeon has been called...

Created by: The Letter J


An atomic war gives rise to a new form of life - one that could save mankind, or end what's left of civilization.

Created by: Mr. Average


Parmeshen: A tale of gypsies, rovers and ramblers

Created by: Otterchild

Sisters of the Pleiades

Long-form, sci-fi webcomic.

Created by: pleiadescomic

Akacya: The Bounty Hunter

Follow the work of the number one Bounty Hunter... On her missions in X21E4 in 2155.

Created by: shinka

Stargazer's Gate

Caed can't escape his past. Atrina can't escape her family. Leawyn can't escape her dreams. None of them can escape Stargazer's Gate.

Created by: Tiana

Demon Eater

A grotesque life story of a demon that eats other demons to get stronger.

Created by: jillyfoo

Created by: Carapace

Jackie's Story

Jackie's Story is an online flash webcomic. It's an adventure about an alien named Jack (Better known as Jackie) who gets talked into participating in something that she hopes will bring back her dead brother.

Created by: sky665

The Only Half Saga

A dhampir searches through the remnants of the US seeking revenge

Created by: Tigershark06


Outsider is a space opera chronicling the adventures of a young human officer thrust into an alien society in the midst of a galactic war.

Created by: Arioch

Gemutations: Plague

The mutant Tigershark and company tries to stop a virus from killing the entire human population.

Created by: Tigershark06

Killjoy:The Raygun Chronicles

A group of psionic internal afffair officers seek out to bring justice to the city of Roise.

Created by: Ronin356

The Wallachian Library

For how long can the dead rest in peace?



In the game of Magience, characters explore an infinitely growing and evolving world. However, what happens when the lines between the Virtual World and the Real World begin to blur?

Created by: Faewild

Static Skies

Adventure, magic and robots!

Created by: ZaraLT

The Hours After Midnight

Pyscho horror thriller with some magic bits

Created by: johnathanmark

The End

Two aliens crash a sci-fi convention and accidentally take eight humans on a ride that will end the world as they know it...

Created by: ran

Miss Grey Resurrection

Get the new supernatural adventure! Miss Grey has been resurrected to quell the monsters, demons, and ghosts that plague mankind. She is joined by an odd cast of companions from around the world who add a spice of life to this otherwise gloomy job.

Created by: Vegapunkprime

Deverish Also

Find out what happens when you thrust technology into a land where magic rules!

Created by: FireBookDuo

Title Unrelated

Sci-fantasy adventure romance story about family and friendship.

Created by: gpike

Legendaria: Hawkheir

The first series of Legendaria the Webcomic featuring the origin of Flynt.

Created by: phenixryte23


Ghost busting takes on a whole new meaning when you have ghosts that mutate everyday objects into monsters!

Created by: ashikai

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