Lords of Kaigande

Lords of Kaigande

The adventures of a professor in disgrace, a prince who needs to secure his succession and two police officers working in Kaigande's busiest district.

Riyan Mitali KNOWS that there's something special about the Gates of Shamin - their pristine condition, despite how ancient they are, the hints of an immense power source - but despite months of study, the gates remain stubbornly unyielding of their secrets.... Prince Amendelivan knows he has a problem in the form of the new gender and magic equality laws that have swept through his country - his older sister may now has a legitimate bid for the crown. Unfortunately, Amendelivan knows they don't exactly see eye to eye on what makes a good king. But he's got a plan. Too bad Riyan won't really like it. Constable Rahel Lugena is the newest member of one of Kaigande's many detachments of the Royal River Guard, and one of the few high-level telepaths who has seemed to make it through the Guard's application process unscathed. Will her abilities help her in her new job or will they again become the source of all her failure and just possibly get her killed....?

Comic Name Lords of Kaigande
Created by Mockingbirdflyaway
  • Fantasy
  • Humor
  • Long form

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