Magia High

Magia High

Magia High is a product of Ionic Comics. It's a light-hearted tale of Megan whose puberty came with wings and a halo. Follow Megan as she goes to the magical "Magia High", a high school for magical creatures!

Megan Michaels is a 15 year old girl who didn’t expect to have anything extraordinary happen in her life…until she woke up with a pair of wings and a halo! Follow Megan Michaels as she goes through her teenage years…at the magical school of Magia High! Much to her chagrin, Megan is placed in the secret hidden school of Magia High; a high school for magical creatures one and all. In one week she learns that not only does being her father’s daughter includes wings and a halo, but she also learns that this world holds more than just humans. With her new best friend Tori the troll, Megan begins to understand her powers, how to use them, and who wants to use her for nefarious purposes…

Comic Name Magia High
Created by IonicComics (Owner)
  • Fantasy
  • Humor

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