Hinterland Journeys

Hinterland Journeys

A poll-based fantasy journey through the Hinterlands of Hlavamir.

The once great kingdom of Hlavamir has split, torn between two princes. The Cesta Folk, the last vestiges of the old order, create stability in the outskirts of the lands- but they know that even their time is nearly up. A new world is coming- one that'll be shaped by the choices of a few young adults. Will the coming age return the world to a time of peace and prosperity or will the choices of the Heralds lead to further strife? Adventures are based on readership polls. Comic is updated daily every other week, with polls generally opening on Fridays and generally closing on Wednesdays.

Comic Name Hinterland Journeys
Created by ramlama
  • Fantasy
  • Epic
  • Long form
  • Steampunk
  • Sword and Sorcery

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