Age of Mortality

Age of Mortality

A symbolic story about adoption and redemption.

In the cursed world of Ailevian, where the magic Immortal race has nearly died out, a convict's crimes were pardoned at a price. He can now see the pain of other people and must bear the weight of the world's suffering. He becomes the unlikely guardian of a strange child. This boy, the last unaligned Immortal left alive, has the power to end the curse, should he accept his birthright. In a world so filled with hatred, bloodshed wins battles but unconditional love wins wars. This is a story of adoption and redemption, from one soul to another. Kaikuro the convict and Arrin the immortal must carry a weight they never wanted, but a weight they were meant to have.

Comic Name Age of Mortality
Created by Aeolian
  • Fantasy
  • Epic
  • Steampunk

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