A fantasy webcomic about a Heaven and Hell that is not cut out in black and white.

Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth is the project title of what will supposedly once be a series of comics about Heaven, Hell, and everything in between. The universe of the comic takes root in Christian mythology, draws inspiration from many religions and myths and stays true to none of them. The world is divided in two planes: That of the living, and that of Heaven and Hell who have been at war for as long as anyone can remember. Any project must start somewhere, and this one starts with the story Rebound about Heaven and its angels. The angel general Balthazar is sent out to aid the planet Kimera in a feud between two races, but ends up getting involved in a much bigger scheme that will damage Heaven directly. Rebound takes on the subjects of war and fanaticism, but also how easy it is to get lost in the idea of what's good and what's evil.

Comic Name B.I.B.L.E.
Created by Swanda (Co-writer)
TheScatterbrain (Artist, co-writer)
  • Fantasy
  • Long form

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