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Applications & Introductions / Hello from me and Newfie Studio
« Last post by lloyd1191 on November 27, 2017, 05:45:53 PM »
Hello, I am lloyd1191, or you can just call me Big D, Mr. D, or anything that you like. I am the writer of the webcomic, "The Grand Six" (if you can guess the reference, I give you a round of applause). The description that I gave it goes something like this:

Ava never believed in right or wrong, but on what must be done. She doesn't care if she's seen as a hero or a villain. However, a single choice in her life will start the wheels of fate. It may not be what she desired, but her only choice is to see it through.

I don't know if it's allowed to put a link to it in this section, but here it is:

It doesn't have that many pages right now, but let me tell you. It's going to be a very long comic. I already have over 200 pages written and ready to be drawn.

Anyways, if you would like to show a bit of love, don't forget to like and subscribe. You want to make the updates faster? Here's a link to the Patreon:

Thanks for reading this, and I wish you a very good day/night.

P.S. Seriously, if this places isn't appropriate to put all this, just let me know and I'll either reduce the content, or outright just erase it.

I am MK_Wizard though you may call me Mary. My webcomic is MK's The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Hence the name, it is an adaption of the original book, but with several twists. One of which that it is much more fantasy and comedy with no horror elements really. And it is more lighthearted. Plus, it delves deeper in the nature of duality, opposites and how there are gray areas in everything around us. I didn't want my comic to another Jekyll & Hyde story so I made one that is MY Jekyll & Hyde story in which we see that no matter which personality one takes on, we all face consequences sooner or later.

The world is alternate universe in which fictional races like trolls (what Hyde is) walk among humans though they tend to keep to themselves. So far, it is still in its first arc and showcases the origin story of Jekyll & Hyde where Jekyll intended only to better himself through science, but instead created his wild alter ego Hyde.

- Mary
Applications & Introductions / sports agent Sharon Creer
« Last post by ice01 on July 21, 2017, 08:17:05 PM »
sports agent Sharon Creer

That was three years ago. And while female sports agents aren't a novelty in the WNBA, "In the male genre, I'm still quite new," Creer acknowledges. In the beginning, she often received voice mail from coaches who were startled by talking to a female agent. Creer hasn't, however, allowed such overt or even intimated sexism deter her from what she identified as a great career opportunity. leagues is wholesale patriots jerseys only three months long. with international teams in countries that include Croatia, Israel, Russia, and Turkey.

A significant placement in 2001 was Creer's signing WNBA World Champion and Houston Comet Tiffani Johnson to play in Korea. Other clients include San Antonio Silver Star Toccara Williams, who is playing in Turkey, and Shaquana Wilkins from the University of Miami, who is playing in Portugal. Creer is also currently negotiating a coaching contract for cheap mlb jerseys wholesale former NBA star Darryl Dawkins.

Earning a master's wholesale cowboys jerseys degree in sports and organizational psychology from John F. Kennedy University in Orinda, California, Creer's ambition was to be a sports psychologist a position she found with a soccer team at Richmond High School in Richmond, California. A chance meeting in 1996 with prominent sports agent Bill Puffy (see Duffy's bio in "50 Most Powerful Blacks in Sports" in the March 2005 issue) piqued her interest in sports management, and Puffy offered to serve as a mentor.

Her most critical lessons learned were about strategy and studying players as well as the team playbook. "Identify the team's objectives to coincide with [the] player," she recommends. Creer also suggests that of the five playing positions in basketball, new agents should study and focus on managing one type of player. Creer studied the forward position by watching all the games on cable and then strategizing on how her client in that position would benefit a particular team. Delores Jones, forward for the University of Chicago, was her first client.

"Be really focused on what you do for your client cheap mk handbags and follow through," she offers. "Don't be discouraged. Creer also recommends several books: Coming on Strong: Gender and Sexuality in 20th Century Women's Sports (Harvard University Press; $I8.95), How to Succeed as a Sports Agent (Oldcastle; $6.99), and Winning with Integrity: Getting What You Want Without Selling Your Soul (Three Rivers Press; $14.95).
The Review / Review for Kids 2 Kings - Issue 1
« Last post by blacksands on April 26, 2017, 06:18:43 PM »
Hello guys. I am new to the forum but not new to content development. I get a lot of reviews from fans but I would like to hear reviews from fellow creators.

Here is the first issue on youtube;
Hello all,

My name is Manuel Godoy and i am the creator of Kids 2 Kings, a comic series with a web motion comic element to it. I recently had a successful kickstarter and would love to network with other creators in the genre.

You can find the first issue of Kids 2 Kings on youtube:
Applications & Introductions / Application: Tamarack Lane
« Last post by Tamaracklane on January 18, 2017, 06:10:46 AM »
Hello Everyone,  I'm John J Mc and I have a webcomic called Tamarack Lane. Tamarack Lane is a weekly webcomic that will eventually be collected into books.

The Premise: Tamarack Lane is the last known sanctuary for rare animals and magical creatures. Sam Harvey has just inherited the role of The Caretaker after his beloved grandmother Rose has passed away. Now Sam has to recover his forgotten past and decide if he has what it takes to be in charge of a land that is threatened by many outside forces.

It's a fantasy but it has comedy, drama and social commentary peppered throughout. I don't think there is anything quite like it out there so please come by and visit. The next few pages are text-heavy because the main character is having a flashback, but normally it's a regular comic. I'm 65 pages into this thing.

Here's the link:
Applications & Introductions / Re: Application: Fauna Fairest
« Last post by sgarea on December 10, 2016, 12:02:08 AM »

Really beautiful art, colour scheme... wow, composition is amazing.

FCP has some amazingly talented creators I must say.

Applications & Introductions / Re: Greetings, all!
« Last post by sgarea on December 09, 2016, 11:56:51 PM »
Interdimensional racecar driver with a talking car. Dude. Im so in.
This is great, reading it now!

Art and writing is fantastic, plus the panel work is really good too!
Applications & Introductions / Hello from New Zealand!
« Last post by sgarea on December 09, 2016, 11:50:11 PM »
Hello Everyone,

I am just jumping back into some comic work with a comedy/fantasy work 'The Legend of Gareus'.

I am not up to 10 updates yet, in fact we are just prepping our first 4pager for a local publication but I just wanted to say 'hello', 'help', and 'thanks' to other comics creators out there. Its tough getting those panels together... and the inking (even digital) urrrrgggghhh.

Anyway if anyone is on facebook please, please, please click a like on our new page:

The sadness that is a small amount of likes is akin to the plague, if you have time, and dont mind seeing our updates in your feed give us the thumbs up and then as we get closer to release I will make an application here as super secret forums are always the bestest kind :-)

Thanks everyone, in the meantime I'm going to haunt the boards commenting sporadically.

- Shaun
Applications & Introductions / Re: Just dropping in to say hi
« Last post by sgarea on December 09, 2016, 11:39:55 PM »
Algerbane looks fantastic!
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