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Applications & Introductions / Application: Metal Phone Mouse
« on: April 18, 2012, 10:08:47 AM »
Metal Phone Mouse (MPM) is a modern fantasy webcomic with 230+ pages under it's belt and the 10th chapter currently in progress.

The webcomic was inspired the adventures myself and other users of a RP forum from years ago. Where all the other users grew up, went to college and got social lives (one even had a child), I kept MPM going in my own way. They still help out and comment on the comic every so often, even help with brainstorming or writing scripts. But today it's mostly drawn and run by myself and written by Maria, the original creator of the RP Forum.

The story follows a group of mercenaries trying to re-establish their base 3 years after they disbanded and went their separate ways. But before they can get their feet back on the ground, they have a few issues to take care of. Mainly the loss of their demonic sword collection stolen by a con-artist and sold all around the world on the black market. All the while there seems to be one among the group stealing other demonic artifacts from their old ruined base.

The webcomic is a mix of genres and plots. Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, mixed in a world with Demons, Angels, Vampires, Pyromancers, Polymorphs, Living dolls, Dragons and so much more.

We currently have a lot of plans in story for the webcomic and story arcs for months to come. However we are seeking critiques and comments and maybe a little feedback from readers of fantasy like the lovely people on your lovely site here~. </buttering up>

Looking forward to hearing from you soon. ^^


MPM is also an amateur comic that recently went through some massive changes. Where the comic used to be 80 A4 sized pages, they were cropped down to 240 smaller pages and lots of changes on top of that. I'm only one man without a graphic design degree and, what seems to be, a part time editor these days, so any mistakes you noticed I made will all be greatly appreciated. The comment's on the comic pages are open to guests so anyone can comment. :3

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