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Applications & Introductions / Application: Legendaria the Webcomic
« on: August 13, 2012, 06:03:27 PM »
Hey, literally just joined, I've been in charge of a webcomic for over a year now and feel I really need more exposure so I'd like you guys to also host it, I think you guys will quite like it. (It's currently 39 pages long after a site crash wiped off the original 96 pages of volume 0 DX )

Here's an excerpt from the website's About page:

"Legendaria the Webcomic is an English/French language fantasy-sci-fi long running comic series created by Phenixryte23... Hawkheir is the first series and origin of the major character who became known as Flynt. It follows his life from when he first met Sandstrider Yaenage to his training as a Mage to his part in the War of the Waste and eventually to… well we’ll leave that to be seen."

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