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I am MK_Wizard though you may call me Mary. My webcomic is MK's The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Hence the name, it is an adaption of the original book, but with several twists. One of which that it is much more fantasy and comedy with no horror elements really. And it is more lighthearted. Plus, it delves deeper in the nature of duality, opposites and how there are gray areas in everything around us. I didn't want my comic to another Jekyll & Hyde story so I made one that is MY Jekyll & Hyde story in which we see that no matter which personality one takes on, we all face consequences sooner or later.

The world is alternate universe in which fictional races like trolls (what Hyde is) walk among humans though they tend to keep to themselves. So far, it is still in its first arc and showcases the origin story of Jekyll & Hyde where Jekyll intended only to better himself through science, but instead created his wild alter ego Hyde.

- Mary

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