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The Tavern / The Hours After Midnight - page 19 is up
« on: February 10, 2018, 12:17:27 AM »
hello everyone!

Page 19 of The Hours After Midnight is up:

I a still battling to get readers to read the story, and I need some feedback - if anyone has popped across and read the story, is it entertaining? Is the site too slow? Any useful feedback to give the readers something enjoyable will be appreciated.

To see the NSFW pages, you need to register a username and password, but it is free and pretty quick.

The Academy / Getting the buggers to read your story - the newbies dilemma
« on: February 05, 2018, 09:41:38 AM »
After agonising for years as to whether I should drag my tales into the light and show them to world, I eventually plucked up the courage and then drank until I was confident enough to show my stuff to the world. I roped in all my friends and said to them: "My friends you are now roped in - read this"  and I thrust the pages into their faces, demanding that they read the story. Read it and by god you had better like it! (I am not always rational when I am drunk - I feel your judgement!)

Anyway, where was I?...Oh yes, most of the feedback was positive. I was given a few suggestions and ideas but mostly the buggers said nice things without me needing to threaten their mums.

Then I launched the site and nervously waited for the readers to pour in...which they did not. Not even a trickle.
I was immediately worried that everyone in the world was dead. So I went to ask my wife what she thought the problem was. She told me: 'stop telling everyone that I am your wife and the restraining order states that you can't come within 200 metres of me, besides no-one owes you anything - you have to give the audience what THEY want.' 

So after that wordy rant, I guess my question is - market research and market penetration. What do the readers really want, and how do I as a story teller get it to them. There is no magic bullet, I am interested in your stories, how did you get your stories to readers, and how did you get feedback from them?  Small snippets of upcoming story arcs? Polls on the outcomes of the story? Handing out candy from my panel van?

Applications & Introductions / Johno's first post
« on: February 04, 2018, 06:47:27 AM »
Hello comic fans

This is my first post as way of introduction.
I am writing and drawing 'The Hours After Midnight'  A psychological magical thriller (hopefully - all of those are correct).

I have my website up at - and the name is arcturus because I will have other titles on this page eventually.

I do have a patreon page if anyone is hell bent on assisting financially to help realise this dream  ;D,

but this is by-the-by as regular readers can access the first book for free, just by registering on the site (and you only have to register to see the naughty bits)

I mean...those are the best bits imho.

I hope that some of you read my stuff and that, most importantly - that you ENJOY reading it.

Comments suggestions and feedback welcome.

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